OINP-Information Request Letter-CEC

  • 一年工作经验
    第一份工作 7个月 NOC1311
    5个月 NOC1111
    EE profile选了Primary NOC1111


    Please note that a portion of your eligible work experience must be in the same NOC occupation as the primary NOC code in your Express Entry profile.

    You stated in your application that your experience as an Accounting Technician falls under NOC Code 1311 - Accounting technicians and bookkeepers, which differs from the NOC code you chose to be assessed against in your Express Entry profile, which is NOC Code 1111 - Financial auditors and accountants.

    Please confirm that the primary NOC code in your Express Entry profile is the appropriate NOC to classify your duties in your role

    请问要怎么解释,两份提交的雇主信已经很清楚写明了NOC Code,
    duty也match Statistics Canada

  • 什么类别? humancapital financial的定向邀请? 是需要一年的工作经验都是定向邀请的NOC的。 如果是按照1111给你发的邀请,那至少需要一年的1111工作经验。

  • @Ethan-RCIC 是human capital financial的定向邀请。CEC不是海外的
    “Your work experience must be in Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B of the National Occupation Classification (NOC), with at least one portion of the experience in the primary NOC code identified in your Express Entry profile.
    这个one portion全都要是定向邀请的NOC是吗

  • 我觉得已有信息不够啊,需要整体材料看一下,以及要了解VO发这封信意图是啥。