NB PNP EE enrolled-student way

  • 我发邮件问了NB移民局:The official Q&A shows attending an eligible post-secondary institution in New Brunswick does not guarantee a Nomination Certificate from the Province of New Brunswick.

    Does that mean the student who applied for the EOI successfully still has a considerable possibility not to receive the Invitation to Apply (ITA)?

    Good Afternoon,

    Officers review the information provided in the EOI and make a decision based on the information provided.

    If you’re a student that meets all the criteria of the program and you’re in the last three months of your studies, you will receive an ITA from the province.

    Please note: receiving and ITA does not mean you will receive a certificate.


    NBPNP Team

    请问最后一句receiving and ITA does not mean you will receive a certificate.指的是什么猫腻吗?如果都申请人条件都符合了,发了ITA后,官方还会找什么借口,比如不符合当地市场紧缺职业啥的来拒到学生吗? 总觉得这个政策只是为了吸引学生去读书,但是移民却暗地里设置门槛。 谢谢

  • @Sunrise 省移民局可以有自己的选人规则。

  • @小小米 那符合现在官方所写政策上的家庭,跑过去读书最后还是可能被隐形的内部门槛拒掉, 那岂不是一种官方scam?加拿大移民就不能明码标价么☹