WebForm请求指纹费退款,客服说给我withdraw application?

  • 我在去年10月在境内提交小签申请,当时已经有指纹豁免,不过因为我填写了过去未提交过指纹,还是连带收了$85指纹费。后来签证正常批准、贴签、护照返还,指纹费从未退。在My Receipts里查说"We can't process your request because one of our offices is still working on your application."

    A note has been added to your file on February 24, 2021, to advise the responsible office of your request to withdraw your application. Once your application is opened, it will be at the responsible office's discretion to withdraw the application and grant a refund of the processing fees within 16 weeks.
    Please note that your decision is final and that a new application will require the applicable fees.


  • 建议打个电话问一下agent到底是怎么回事吧。