EE中的Personal activities求助

  • 新生代/Ethan好,

    请问Personal activities中,大学时代的入dang记录,算organization还是government呢?选organization,提示“Any period of time you indicate as being a member of an organization will not count as part of the 10-year personal/address history you are required to provide. ”(但是不计入的话,又为什么要问呢...). 选government,问得好细,都不知如何回答“Name of the government department”, "Name of the branch within the government department", 以及“Level of government”。


  • 一般算organization。 不是不计入,是personal history是不能有gap的, organization要单独在另一个表提供,不能算作personal的一部分。

  • 了解了,谢谢Ethan!