EE填表 拒签史

  • EE填表中这两个问题应如何回答?

    Has XX been refused refugee status, or an immigrant or permanent resident visa (including a Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ) or application to the Provincial nominee Program) or visitor or temporary resident visa, to Canada or any other country?

    Has XX ever been refused a visa or permit, denied entry or ordered to leave Canada or any other country?

    在加拿大申请过美国旅游签证B1,被check(Administrative Processing),之后没什么问题签证批准。这种情况是拒签吗?这两个问题有什么区别?

  • Check不算拒签。俩都答no就行。

  • @single-RCIC VO给的Administrative Processing小纸条上写:
    This office regrets to inform you that your visa appication is refused because you have been found ineligible to receive a visa under section 221 (g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.
    Please be advised that for U.S. visa purpose, including ESTA, this decision constitutes a denial of the visa.